Breddos Tacos: Review

Gemma introduced me to Breddos. It was a cocktail fuelled night at Dinerama that led to a fling between me and a taco that tasted like none other. I went home giddy from the vibrant flavours still clinging to the corners of my mouth like a drunken kiss. The next day, I found myself doubting if I had met the taco of my dreams. What if it was beer goggles?!

Weeks passed and I forgot all about it, plenty more tacos in the city, until low and behold Breddos Tacos opened a permanent residence 10 minutes from our office in Clerkenwell. Gemma and I headed there quicker than you can say fiesta.  

About Breddos

Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney, two friends who started out in a taco shack in a Hackney car park back in 2013, haven’t forgotten their roots and have created a small restaurant that for what it lacks in square feet, it makes up in shabby chic interiors and a list of ingredients that are experimental, fresh and wonderfully intriguing.

What we ate

We were ready to dive in head first, ordering three tacos each, Baja Fish tacos (because duh, fish tacos), pigs head cochinita pibil and kung pao pork belly. We also ordered a chanterelle mushroom cavil nero, black mole vinaigrette tostada and a side of queso fundido. Thankfully, unlike my teenage years, this drunken fling had paid dividends and was even better by the cold light of day.

The Baja fish taco is made up of a fried, firm white fish accompanied by cabbage, lime mayo and pico de gallo. The softness of the fish rests delicately on the 12inch corn pillow, this is juxtaposed by the sharp freshness of zesty mayo, colourful salsa and punctuated by the crisp snap of cabbage. Now I could waffle on about how great everything else was, but put simply it arrived at our table and before I knew it little was left but exhausted lime skins and a whole lot of sauce on my hands. I could have easily eaten 10 more and that’s not because I’m a seasoned eater, it really was just that good. 

breddos tacos baja fish taco
image credit: Rachel Phipps

It’s safe to say Breddos is one of a kind, with the sort of inventive combinations for tacos (Sichuan and papas) that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the city. If you can control your greed, a lunch here will set you back around £10 each before drinks. Breddos has quickly become a food institute of London with fans including Clerkenwell Boy and Gizzi Erskine. Simply put the food here is messy, unpredictable and moreish – like all the best love affairs.

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