Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Pâté

smoked mackerel pate recipe

This recipe is so unbelievably simple, taking only 10 minutes from start to finish. Which is good because once it’s made its guaranteed to disappear pretty quickly.

Timings: Takes 10 minutes including prep

For the pate:

  • 3 smoked mackerel fillets
  • 150g cream cheese
  • Zest and juice of one lemon
  • Bunch of Parsley

To serve:

  • Sourdough
  • Rocket
  • Olive Oil
  • Red wine vinegar



  1. Make sure all the bones are removed from the mackerel
  2. Remove the skin from the mackerel
  3. Place two of the mackerel fillets into a food processor, breaking into smaller pieces as you do
  4. Add the cream cheese, zest and juice of one lemon and parsley
  5. Pulse for around 20-30 seconds until you are left with a smooth pate
  6. Remove from the processor and flake through the remaining fish fillet
  7. Taste and test for seasoning. Some mackerel can be salty enough without adding any additional salt so it is all down to your personal preference.
  8. For some colour on the plate prepare some rocket and dress with a dash of olive oil and red wine vinegar
  9. Serve with griddled sourdough

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