Prawn on the Lawn, Cornwall: Review

It’s back down to Cornwall for our latest review as Gemma was home last weekend and managed to squeeze in some quality seafood in Padstow. It wasn’t a hard sell with Prawn on the Lawn describing itself as a fishmonger/restaurant/wine bar. A Gills Gals dream location.

A 5 minute walk from the restaurant. Bliss.

Prawn on the Lawn has a London restaurant as well as the one in Padstow with a huge focus on the freshness and sustainability of the ingredients. In Padstow the menu changes daily, based on what the fisherman have caught that day.

The restaurant is small, seating only 24 at one time, with a fresh fish section at the front in the window. You can choose one of these fish to have cooked, a seafood platter or a selection of small plates. We went with the small plates option so we could try as much as possible!


 Prawn on the Lawn Padstow
The Prawn on the Lawn
What we ate:

The restaurant’s namesake dish consisted of all of the Gills Gals favourites: prawns and avocado on soda bread with plenty of lime, chilli and coriander. Fresh, clean, spicy and some of the best prawns I have ever had. A great indication of what was to come.

Prawn on the lawn Seared tuna
Seared tuna

Next it was on to the seared tuna which was a dream. Melt in the mouth and so wonderfully fresh and when dipped into the salty soy/mirin sauce on the side it was sensational. I could have had about 10 more of these plates. My only thought was for my personal taste I would have had more chilli but besides that it was faultless.

Prawn on the lawn Thai scallops
Thai scallops

The food kept on coming so it was on to the Thai baked scallops. If ever a dish was made for an Instagram picture it was this one. Served in the shell with lashings of thai basil and spring onion they looked stunning when they arrived on the table. The dish was so flavoursome and really woke up the tastebuds. I prefer my scallops caramelised so they have that texture as you cut into them (just personal preference) but all the same it was a ridiculously tasty dish.

Prawn on the lawn Nduja squid
Nduja squid

The star of the show for me was the nduja squid. Becky and I don’t just love seafood, put nduja on any menu and we will order it; we are obsessed. The squid was cooked simply with the nduja and garnished with tarragon giving it a surprising aniseed hit. Smoky, spicy and a bloody dream.

Prawn on the Lawn John Dory with mexican slaw
John Dory with mexican slaw

Finally we tucked into a John Dory with mexican slaw. This was missing something I felt and wasn’t up to the standard of the other dishes. The adobo sauce was tasty but it all just felt a bit flat and the slaw didn’t have much flavour.

On the side we had a baby gem salad (to try and make us feel slightly healthy) however with lashings of truffle oil which washed away all the healthiness.

Overall I can’t wait to go back and will definitely be checking out the London branch. Our lunch came to £70 including a couple bottles of Sharp’s Pilsner and a couple glasses of white wine. Great value for the standard of cooking on offer. Go and let us know what you think!



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