Hawksmoor Borough: Review

Hawksmoore Borough scallops

Seafood doesn’t immediately spring to mind when it comes to Hawksmoor, your first thought is probably the steaks. But it’s the ultimate place for a very special surf and turf as I found out when I went along to the new Borough Market branch, as part of its soft launch.

What we ate

First up was the roast scallops with white port and garlic. These were absolutely to die for and as my guest so eloquently put “I could bosh another 10 of those”. On a previous review I had mentioned how I didn’t like scallops cooked in the shell as much, as I found they usually lost that caramelisation, but Hawksmoor nailed it. The sauce was beautifully rich and complimented the scallops perfectly. Yep we probably could have had another 10.

Next up was the Salcombe crab on toast which came with dressed cucumber and watercress. Light, fresh with huge chunks of crab meat the quality of the seafood was clear. There was a large amount of crab for the size of the toast (usually it’s the other way round); all in all a top notch dish.

Hawksmoor crab

So onto the turf. We both had the rib eye cooked rare, however there were huge differences in the steaks when they came to the table. My steak was thicker and therefore was cooked more like blue. I love a rare steak so wasn’t that fussed but I think some people would have found it far too underdone. For the sides we had mac and cheese, beef dripping fries, bone marrow gravy and some token greens. It was pure heaven on a table as we made our way through it all but we quickly realised that as always we had eyes bigger than our stomachs. Great that Hawksmoor have doggy bags available as it would have pained me to leave the steak behind!

Hawksmoor surf and turf

The verdict…

The service was fantastic; attentive and helpful. However, I would say it was slightly too quick! We were only there for an hour and a half in all, which if we had been paying full price would have been over 180 pounds and a very pricey quick dinner. Overall I definitely want to return to Hawksmoor, but will save it for a special occasion and when my bank balance allows.

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