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Kiln Soho review Gills Gills Gills

Kiln has been getting a lot of Instagram love, as well as some great reviews from the likes of Grace Dent, so we had to pay it a visit. We went along to see what all the fuss was about and discovered some of the best flavours we have had in a while.

Kiln opened in the latter half of 2016, from the team behind Smoking Goat. It has a focus on ethical meat and sustainable fish, which is music to a Gills Gals ears.

It’s no reservations (you can book for four or more), but it’s quite easy to go and put your name down on the list. You can then go off and have a drink elsewhere and they send you a text when the table is free. However, when we went we were told it would be about 30-40 minutes and after over an hour we checked Qdini which was blank. We went back and were told they had been looking for us, but we still had to wait around 20 minutes for our table. The staff were hugely apologetic, and luckily I was with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while so we were quite happy chatting and catching up!

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What we ate: 

We got a seat on the bar, right in front of all the cooking action. It’s fascinating watching the chef’s prepare all the dishes, and only makes you anticipate the food even more.

We started with the lamb and cumin skewers which were beautifully cooked, caramelised on the outside but tender on the inside and full of flavour. Secondly we had the langoustines with mint and kaffir lime which were a total delight. Fresh, fragrant and spicy with the hits of chilli I could have demolished another five plates of them.

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Next up it was the sour yellow curry with red mullet, which was tart, spicy and a complete attack on the senses (in all the right ways). A Gills Gal’s heaven.


We also had the Wild Ginger and Short Rib Curry, which was beautifully rich. Hot, but not as spicy as the fish curry, it hit all the right spots.

Finally, you can’t go to Kiln without getting stuck in to the crab glass noodles with Tamworth pork belly. Sweet from the crab and rich with seafood flavour, the fact you see it cooked in a clay pot in front of you only adds to the experience.


We also shared a bottle of wine and the bill with service came to £72, a real bargain in central London; especially for this quality of cooking. Yeah the service is a bit erratic but it all adds to the experience, and when the food is this good you can forgive.


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