Yosma’s Manti Month: Review

Everyone loves dumplings right? They are the ultimate comfort food and before you know it you have eaten 20 of the things. If this sounds like you Yosma is the place you need to be in July.

It’s currently holding Manti Month to celebrate the traditional dumpling, it says are found on most dinner tables in Turkey. It has a selection of manti on special this month but we went along on a The Nudge special, which meant you got to try all four specials with a bottle of rose for £18.50 – bargain! (Becky and Gemma are both members with The Nudge and highly recommend it – gives you access to a host of great food and drink offers across London).

Right onto the manti. The dough is a little firmer than the likes of Chinese dumplings, and they almost look like little ravioli (just with more filling).

I’ma Gills Gal so obviously the lobster manti was the one I was most intrigued to try. Served with a garlic and honey cream, and tomato ezme, it was SO SO delicious. Rich, creamy and full of flavour – truly the definition of comfort food.


Next up it was the vegetarian manti – aubergine served with lor cheese, spinach and lemon yoghurt. From appearances this looked really fresh and a very summery dish. It really packed a surprising punch once you were inside the dumpling and hit you with smokey aubergine. Complented beautifully by the freshness of the accompaniments, it was a great dish.


Next up it was the lamb neck manti with yoghurt, chilli oil and mint. For me this dish had too much yoghurt, it was all I really tasted! The lamb was tasty but overpowered by the sourness of the yoghurt on top of it.


Finally, the chicken manti was a bit different and a welcome change in texture, as these were crispy. These were so incredibly moreish, and had a nice kick from the chilli oil. My boyfriend Chris said he was thankful for this not being on Deliveroo in our area as he worried he could eat buckets of them.

The manti were served with a feta salad and a freekah salad, both beautifully fresh and a perfect side for all the dumplings!


Despite all of the dumplings we felt we still needed to try dessert, and I had recently seen Felicity Spector’s instagram of a tahini cake that I had to try. This was one of the most interesting dishes I have tried in ages, and really breaks the mould for what you expect. The cake is gooey on the inside, with a sesame seed based crust. Served with a hazelnut ice cream it was super delicious!

You still have a few weeks to head down and try Manti Month so give them a try and let us know what you think!



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