Street food in Naples: Travel

Naples. The home of pizza. However when Gemma visited recently she discovered so much more in this foodie city than its famous dish – here she runs us through a few of her favourites.

Fried food heaven

The street food in Naples is incredible and Friggitoria Vomero is a great place to start. Featured in a lot of food guides about the city, luckily for us we weren’t staying too far away from it. It’s a shop filled with fried food. For real. You could come here and spend two euros and be full, with prices ranging from 20p to a euro for a larger dish. Here we discovered the deep fried macaroni cheese dish which is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I mean it’s one of the richest too but you have to spoil yourself on holiday right? There are also potato croquettes, aubergine slices, arancini – you name it, they will fry it! A must visit.

Friggitoria Vomero

The burger of dreams

After a lot of seafood on the islands of Ischia and Capri we actually decided to go for a burger when we first arrived in Naples (sacrilege for a Gills Gal). However, when it is a truffle, burrata and prosciutto burger I feel like that is allowed. Bial Cubo was a great little place and a bit of peace and quiet off the main road – Naples is busy and loud! Great value too and was a great start to our foodie weekend in the city.

Truffle and Burrata Burger

A street of seafood

The food market, La Pignasecca, is definitely worth a visit. It was mainly seafood so a dream to wander around. There were hundreds of fish out on the streets – quite a sight to behold. Everything looked so incredibly fresh and the variety they had was unbelievable – made me rather jealous of locals who get to shop there everyday! The market is a great place to try some more of the street food too. Obviously there was a lot of seafood dishes, predominantly of the fried variety! For only a couple of euros it will probably be one of the freshest seafood dishes you will eat. We also tried another Naples speciality – pizze fritte – which is deep fried pizza dough stuffed with your flavour of choice. The ricotta one was so light and wasn’t as rich as you would expect, considering it is deep fried dough and cheese!

Pizza of course

Of course I couldn’t do a review of Naples without mentioning pizza. It is everywhere! Whilst the travel books say to head to something like Sorbillo or Antica Pizzeria da Michele on the recommendation of our AirBnB host we headed to a pizzeria just a couple minutes from our apartment called Pizzeria Olia & Pomodoro. It was a great recommendation! Truly delicious pizza cooked fresh in front of you in the wood fired oven. And for only a few euros for a whole pizza! If I moved to this city I would have seriously high cholesterol.

Something sweet

 Fantasia Gelati is a well known gelato store in Naples, with a couple of branches around the city. This city doesn’t do anything by halves so naturally there were huge sugar cones, cakes in the ice creams and every kind of chocolate/sweet you could imagine. I had a dark chocolate gelato here (with banana too) which was the best gelato I have ever had. Seriously, how do I get this in England? Nothing will ever match it – so full of flavour, not too sweet and bloody delicious. This place is definitely worth a visit and for those with a sweet tooth you will be hard pushed to make a choice.
Fantastia Gelati
We will definitely be back to Naples – if only for those mac and cheese balls.


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