Sushi Workshop with Greenwich Pantry: Review

Sushi hand roll

We were recently invited along to try out a sushi class at Greenwich Pantry, courtesy of Obby. Being in South East London and all about seafood we couldn’t resist!

Greenwich Pantry

Greenwich Pantry offers a mix of foodie services, including selling artisan and locally sourced foods. In addition they do catering, and of course cooking classes like we went along for. In addition to sushi they do knife skills, breadmaking, vegan cooking and even pie making. This event took place a couple minutes from Lewisham station inside a school – I wish my food technology classroom had looked like this! As mentioned we booked the course through Obby which has a host of activities across London, not just food related, and is well worth checking out.

sushi in action
sushi in action

The course

Right, on to what we made. The evening was two hours all in all and covered the following:

  • Sushi rice – how long to cook, how to season and how best to handle
  • Hosomaki – thin rolled sushi rolls with seaweed on the outside
  • Futomaki – a thicker version of the above, and we also made one with the rice on the outside
  • Temaki – a cone shaped sushi roll
  • Nigiri – hand shaped ball of rice topped with fish
  • Sashimi- a selection of raw fish, including a filleting lesson on a fillet of salmon

Our teacher Nick had worked in sushi bars for several years, owning one himself, and had been teaching sushi in these classes for just over a year. There was just three of us on the night as two had dropped out but each evening is really intimate allowing you to get as much help as you need. Some courses can be tricky to ask the teacher information due to the amount of people in the room but this just wasn’t the case and it was much appreciated by an eager Gills Gal.

Tips to try at home

The teacher Nick was so informative and had a plethora of tips and tricks we hadn’t heard before. We won’t spill them all as you have to head along and try yourself! However we did learn a simple trick of dipping the end of the knife into a jug of water and then lifting to allow the drop to run along the blade. This ensured the whole knife blade was wet and made cutting the sushi so much easier. Nick also taught us that when dipping nigiri into soy sauce it is better to dip the fish, rather than the rice, as this prevented the nigiri falling apart, and also meant that you didn’t drown it in soy as the rice would absorb more. The whole class was non stop tips and tricks like this and we will be using them all at home!

Finished sushi
Finished sushi

What we will take away from the evening

Besides all of the useful tips we will definitely be creating our own sushi at home. The course really boosted our confidence in doing so and made us want to practice some of the trickier rolls (it is going to take me a while to master those hand rolls!). Nick suggested we hold a sushi party where we get our guests to try out making their own – think taco party but Japanese. We might just need to give that a go!

Here is our sushi recipe if we do want to give it a go.

NOTE: We were given the course for free in exchange for a review – all opinions are honest ones!



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