Our very first Gills supper club

Gills supper club 24

It’s been a week since the first Gills Supper Club in aid of the RNLI and to be perfectly honest we’re still exhausted! Cooking for 37 of our nearest and dearest was a mammoth task but we’d  gladly do it all over again.

We started the blog back in January and although at that time we had always said a supper club would be our goal before the year was out, it’s still a little unbelievable that we finally did it.  When we first discussed doing supper clubs we said about testing it out in one of our flats for a few of our friends. However on mentioning it to a few of our lovely pals and family it soon became clear that we needed somewhere a little bigger than one of our flats (we do live in London after all) and the number grew to 37. We are mad.

The menu

One of the decisions we made for the dinner was that we’d try and source our ingredients as locally as possible. All of our fish came from the wonderful team at Prykes Gemma’s local fishmonger and vegetables from The Very Green Grocer. We also got a little heat from Dalston Chillies who provided some of there fiery scotch bonnet sauce to give our tacos an extra kick. Finally Grana Padano sent us some Parmesan and San Daniele some prosciutto for our crab samosas. Supper club menu

Now there should be a few familiar dishes in here such as the Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail, Smoked Mackerel Pate and Fish Tacos. There are also a few you won’t recognise but rest assured Crab Crunch and our squid ink tortillas will be popping up on the blog soon.

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Buy local

When we spoke to Prykes to place our order of, shall we say, outrageous amounts of fish – we wanted to make sure we weren’t serving our guests all the usual fishy suspects. Whilst mackerel and prawns are no stranger to most people, our tacos utilised underused fish including coley and ocean perch. We used the prior for our deep fried version for tacos and the latter we baked in the oven for a simple delicate flavour.

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From what we heard things went well on the night and we might be a little mad for saying it, but we’re looking forward to the next one. We are currently working through all the things we think worked, things we would improve, and potential menu/venue options for the next one. A blog post is coming soon on everything we learnt in the planning and on the night, in case you want to give it a go yourself! Watch out for round two (and perhaps 3, 4 and 5) in 2018.

For those of you who came along thanks for the huge support and helping clear a few glasses along the way.

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