Top 8 food bloggers: Recommended

Are you one of those people who’s thinking about their next meal even when they’re still eating the last? Us too. When we’re not cooking or eating we’re scrolling through Instagram, books or websites to get the next hit.

Whilst we’re all about the seafood, spoiler alert, it’s not all that we eat. We like to get inspired by checking out what is already out there in the blogosphere. In no particular order, below we’ve listed a few of our favourite blogs for inspiration.

1. Miss Pond

Best for: Comforting cooks and lots of gin

This blog is full of recipe inspiration, restaurant reviews and tasty tipples. Three of our favourite things. As well as foodie posts Miss Pond also looks at lifestyle pieces and has an entire section on gin *hiccup*. This blog is the perfect inspiration for a homely dinner with pals and a cheeky beverage.

Our favourite post: Pretty much any recipe listed under Comfort Food.

2. Ellen Manning

Best for: Foodie travel tips
Ellen has recently been on some seriously amazing trips, which have given us ultimate holiday envy (a roadtrip from France to Tuscany and driving around Scotland in a camper van). We love how food is always central to Ellen’s time away from her computer – how a holiday should be approached in our opinion.
Our favourite post: Join us with our jealousy by checking out her Tuscany blog. 

3. Pershore Patty

Best for: Lusting over country escapes with warm fires and tasty food. 

We have had a bit of an Instagram romance with Pershore Patty ever since she made our smoked mackerel carbonara when we started nearly a year ago. She has an award-winning food blog covering Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, Warwickshire, the Cotswolds and more. For those of us based in London, her reviews of countryside pubs and beautiful hotels are just the escapism you need on the morning commute. As well as eating food, Patty also discusses industry issues such as how to keep independent places going and whips up a fair few tasty treats in the kitchen.

Our favourite post: 6 Quick Pasta Recipe Ideas … yes it does feature a Gills recipe.

4. Always Make Thyme

Best for: being a treasure trove of varied recipes

We couldn’t agree more with the idea behind this blog, which is about inspiring people to cook more often from scratch at home. Lindsay’s site is packed full with recipe inspiration and you are bound to find something on there you like the look of.

Our favourite post: why not over indulge with her Creme Egg pancakes?

5. Jack Monroe – Cooking on a Bootstrap

Best for: Upping your 5 a day veggie intake (and saving money!) 

Gemma starting following Jack years ago when she upped her cooking game but was still a skint graduate. Her blog is a treasure trove of family recipes, all super low cost but always offer lots of flavour. Jack is now a vegan but her recipes still work for a Gills Gal, by adding some seafood on the side.

Our favourite post : chickpea and tomato loaf (17p a portion)

6. Cookie and Kate

Best for: Veggie dishes and beautiful photos

We do a lot of eating out, not that we’re complaining, so it can be a nice break to the waistband to turn to some healthy, light, vegetarian meals. Kate creates stunning veggie dishes that we’ve tried and tested on carnivorous partners and have passed the test. Yes you will find chia pudding recipes, but they are pretty tasty! There are a lot of mexican inspired dishes and be ready for some serious yolk envy.

Our favourite post: It’s hard to choose just one, so we’re selecting one section. The breakfast recipes. 

7. Orangette

Best for: Witty and honest stories meets delicious home cooking

The Orangette is one of the first food blogs Becky ever discovered. Molly who runs the blog now also co-hosts one of our favourite food podcasts, Spilled Milk. This blog is a great mix of delicious recipes, funny anecdotes and heart-warming stories. As well as her own recipes Molly also showcases some of her favourites from heroes such as Nigel Slater and Dorie Greenspan as well as her friends and family.

Our favourite post: Stir fried mince beef with chiles and basil

8. Manger

Best for: Fighting the urge to pack a back and move to France 

Actually scrap what we said above, that is EXACTLY what this blog makes us want to do. Mimi seems to have it all. A beautiful house, adorable kids and a kitchen we regularly dream about. Having spent her summers in France with her French Grandmother as a child, Mimi’s love and knowledge for french food shines through on this blog. Apart from the occasional escargot recipe, what makes this blog so lovely is it really shows-off french home cooking. You not only see that the ingredients but in the photographs of Mimi and her family tucking in. Two tickets to Médoc please!

Our favourite post: Gougères


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