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Recently we had the pleasure of receiving a lovely delivery from Fishbox who contacted us to see if we’d like to review their product. Fishbox is a seafood subscription service that delivers fresh, sustainable fish and shellfish direct to your door within 48 hours of being landed. All of our their products are sustainably caught from Scottish waters, you can see where in the map below. Gemma and I normally grab our seafood from some of our favourite local shops but we were excited to try this.


How to order:

We did things a little differently to as we had a shoot planned so knew what we had in mind. We spoke to the team directly and ordered smoked mackerel, rainbow trout, hake, mussels and a live crab.

However, if you want to use the service to get your fish-fix you simply select your preference (what you like, love and dislike), then decide what size box you want (small £25, medium £35, large £45) and how often you want it delivered.

The box is then delivered for free to your work or home, although we’d suggest home as no-one wants live crab running around the break room.  Every box contains a dry ice pack which keeps fish beautifully fresh and cool for 48 hrs (with no leaks or odour). The seafood is also helpfully filleted, portioned and vacuum-packed- so it is ready to cook, chill or freeze.
What we ordered:

Now we’ll be honest, receiving a live crab in the post is a little daunting, but it was our choice to take on the challenge, you needn’t do this. Thankfully our fears didn’t come true and the crab didn’t break it’s way out of the box in an Indiana Jones style onto our kitchen floor. We’ll talk about how to prepare live crab in a later post.

The fish looked beautiful. I know the non-Gills Gals out there might have trouble describing fish as beautiful but just look at the colour of that trout.


We used the fish in plenty of dishes that will be appearing on the blog soon and it tasted delicious – if we may say so ourselves. We also loved how the box came with recipe ideas and a picture of the Fishbox team member who packed our box. A lovely sentiment.

The verdict: 

We can’t fault the quality of the fish and we love that it’s sustainably sourced. The packaging is brilliant at keeping your fish fresh and don’t worry, there aren’t any nasty smells. They also have a handy section on their blog on how to recycle your box.

Fishbox also offers a wide range of fish, many of which you wouldn’t be likely to find in your local supermarket. Their policy is to buy the freshest and tastiest fish which, often as not, is what the supermarkets leave behind. Whilst it isn’t the cheapest box, what you getting is a fantastic product that’s hugely convenient and delicious.

All in all, we’re a big fan of the Fishbox and we’d definitely recommend it for those of you looking to get more seafood into your diet in a convenient way.


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